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Bridgewell Founders

In 2004 a group of Colorado business leaders with combined experience in law, insurance and finance merged their expertise and founded Medical Lien Management; now operating as BridgeWell.  Over the past nine years, the company has offered a unique, one-stop, hassle free experience for attorneys, doctors, healthcare providers and injured patients.

Attorneys are offered immediate service referrals for their clients.  Doctors and healthcare providers are compensated for their services within five billing days for services rendered.  And most importantly the injured patient (uninsured or under-insured) who is unable to pay for medical care – gets the immediate attention their injuries demand.

We are a Healthcare Receivable Factoring Company

Factoring is the buying of accounts receivable at a discount.  The price is discounted because the factor (who buys them) assumes the risk of collection on the accounts receivable.”  Black’s Law Dictionary, Eighth Edition, 2004.

The three parties directly involved in a typical factoring arrangement are: the owner of the account receivable, the debtor on the account receivable (usually the customer of the owner), and the buyer of the account receivable (also known as “the factor”). The receivable is associated with the debtor’s liability to pay money owed to the owner of the account receivable (usually for work performed or goods sold).  The owner sells one or more of its invoices (the receivables) at a discount to the factor in order to obtain cash.  The sale of the receivable transfers ownership of the receivable to the factor, and the factor obtains all of the rights associated with the receivable, including the right to receive the payments owed by the debtor for the invoice amount.