Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for the BridgeWell Healthcare Program?

People who are injured in accidents through no fault of their own qualify as patients in the BridgeWell healthcare program.

Who uses the BridgeWell Healthcare Program?

People who use BridgeWell either don’t have health insurance or have health insurance, but can’t afford their high deductibles due to economic circumstances.

I can’t afford medical care — how do I get treatment?

In order to arrange for your medical treatment, you will have to complete and sign a simple patient application that creates an arrangement between you and BridgeWell in the form of a medical lien.

How do I apply for the BridgeWell Healthcare Program?

Contact us today and a patient coordinator will schedule a time to meet and help you complete our quick and easy application.  Once the application has been evaluated and approved, a case manager will begin working to assist you in getting the treatment you need.

I’ve already been treated by a healthcare provider — does that affect my acceptance into the BridgeWell Healthcare Program?

Patients can apply for the BridgeWell healthcare program at anytime during on-going treatment.  If you’ve been seen by a medical provider prior to applying for the BridgeWell healthcare program, just inform our patient coordinator.  Once your application has been approved you’ll have access to our extensive network of providers all of whom are committed to assisting you in your recovery.

Will I be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses, additional fees or interest?

No—there are no out-of-pocket costs, additional fees or interest.  Once you’ve been approved, the BridgeWell team will settle with the at-fault insurance carrier for the expenses that you’ve incurred as a patient in the BridgeWell healthcare program.

What is a medical lien?

A medical lien is simply an arrangement that allows funds to be used for medical treatment prior to a settlement, disposition or resolution.

What happens if I lose my case or it doesn’t settle?

BridgeWell will work with patients to make realistic, monthly payments to reimburse the costs associated with their care.

Is BridgeWell owned by any doctors, medical facilities or personal injury attorneys?

No, BridgeWell is independently owned and operated by a group of business leaders who have combined experience in business, insurance and law.